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Are you looking to learn new things? Want to share your knowledge with others? Then our web-driven training tool will be the perfect solution for you. Check out our wide variety of online courses or create your own course to share with others.


Want to learn something new in a way that will be both exciting and puts a smile on your face? Or maybe you want to provide others with a learning experience that thrills? With our web-powered gaming tool you can do both. Discover new games created by others just like you or create your own motivational game.

LMS – Learning Platform

Do you wish you could have a full overview of what your students are excelling at and where they need to put in the extra work? Or maybe you want to see what your employees are working on and the status of the projects? Get organized and get in the know with our online learning platform.

Content Creation

Looking for striking text, tasks and games, but lacking the time or skills to do it yourself? Put your legs up and let us handle it. We are educators and designers and we can create your next awesome game or course.


Need to sharpen your e-learning skills? Or maybe you want advice on how to organize content for the web in an educational way while contributing to the learning of others? We help you close the skills gaps and give you the training you need.

Web and Intranett

Do you want your website to engage and sell, not just inform? A website that is up to date and working? Systems that talk seamlessly together? We create websites and Intranets and ensure they work seamlessly together.