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Courses with Edstep

Looking for a great learning experience, which makes sense and leaves a mark? The moment where you find out that a+a doesn't always equal a2. Or when you understand that the coffee farmer's working conditions are directly reflected in the price of your hot breakfast coffee, and why.

In our online training tool Edstep, everything is ready for creating a fresh learning experience – for children and adults, students and staff.

Are you ready to try one of our pre-made courses? Or do you prefer to build on something that others have created? Or maybe you'd like to create a sparkling new course from scratch? Check out Edstep today.

Games with Gamilab

Do you crave a new learning experience that will motivate you and push you to finish what you started? No more dull text books and boring lessons… there's a new player in town.

Gamilab is a web-powered gaming tool that provides fresh and motivating learning experience for both children and adults, and in the classroom and the meeting room. With a game editor that even grandma can handle, and games that will even engage that neighbor that still swears by the manual lawnmower.

Looking for a quick start? Check out or customize pre-made games created by others. Or get full control and create your own game from scratch.


Do you need help keeping track of your student’s learning progress? Would you like an overview of how your employees are doing with simulations and multi-choice tasks?

Our online learning platform Edplan gives you an overview that you need. A simple LMS solution that allows you to share your own or other’s open courses and games with whomever you want. Are you ready?

Content Creation

Do you have an excellent idea and need help bringing it to life? Or maybe you need to get some fresh and efficient courses and games for the upcoming school year?

We are educators and designers who love a good learning experience. The moment when meaningful learning takes place, seasoned with just the right amount of text, images, video, motivation and tasks to reach the goal – are you ready for a great collaboration?


Wanna learn more about producing powerful content for the web? Content that motivates and delivers? But remember, there is alot to keep in mind… what is universal design again? And what about all the different licenses types? Are you starting to sweat yet?

Relax! We are educators and designers who have done this before. We love meaningful learning experience and look forward to sharing our toolbox with you. Are you ready to sharpen your skills?

Web and Intranet

Do you need a new, fresh website that sells or maybe you want help with keeping your current pages up to date? How about Intranet that gives your employees the information they need?

Dusting off your current site or building a new one – we'll get it done for you. We have extensive experience with technologies such as Drupal, WordPress, JavaScript and Apache Solr and making all of it work together seamlessly. We love a good user experience and look forward to creating customized solution for you.